January 30, 2018

Jane’s Courageous Recovery

A year ago, Jane arrived at RML unable to breathe on her own and unable to talk, move, or simply blink.

Jane battled Guillian-Barre Syndrome, an autoimmune disorder that affects the nervous system. Guillian-Barre begins with a weakness in the feet and hands and rapidly progresses to the rest of the body. Guillian–Barre Syndrome is rare with only 1–2 cases per 100,000 people annually, but is the most common cause of acute non-trauma-related paralysis in the world.

Recently Jane returned to RML, the picture of good health, walking, talking, and breathing. She returned to express her gratitude to staff who made such an impact during her time at RML.

Having a supportive care team makes a significant difference in the recovery process. In addition to caregivers at RML, Jane was blessed with husband Ken who was by her side throughout her battle with Guillian-Barre. Both Ken & Jane became an important part of the RML family. Their strong, dedicated spirits continue to inspire us.