Quality & Safety Data

Quality & Safety Data

Committed to the highest quality and safest care for patients, RML has been consistently recognized for its efforts achieving The Gold Seal of Approval and accreditation for both hospital and laboratory services from The Joint Commission.

When Quality of Care and Outcomes Matter

The chart below is updated as often as the data is publicly available. For the most current medicare date go to the LTCH Compare website. 

LCH Compare Data

At RML, 以持续改进为基础的文化是我们成功的标志,也是我们在关键质量指标上达到和/或超过国家基准的能力的标志.  我们通过测量临床结果来评估我们的有效性,并自豪地报告我们在关键领域的成果,我们认为这些成果与卓越的医疗保健有关. They include:

Pressure ulcers can be painful and cause other complications, like a reduction in mobility and infections. 通过了解哪些患者的风险更高,ltch可以帮助预防和治疗压疮, ensuring frequent changes in the patient's position, providing proper nutrition, and using specialized beds to reduce pressure on the skin. 即使LTCH提供了良好的预防护理,一些患者仍可能患上压疮.

导尿管是一种引流管,通过尿道插入病人的膀胱,并留在原位收集尿液. When not put in correctly, or kept clean, or when left in place for long periods of time, 导尿管可能成为细菌进入人体的一个简单途径,并导致尿路严重感染. These infections are called catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs). 当长期护理医院采用CDC推荐的感染控制步骤时,可以预防CAUTIs.

中心线是一根插入大血管的窄管,用于重要的医疗. When not put in correctly or not kept clean, 中心线很容易让细菌进入人体,导致严重的血液感染. These infections are called central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs). 当长期护理医院采用CDC推荐的感染控制步骤时,clabsi是可以预防的.

Clostridium difficile (C. diff.) is a type of bacteria that causes inflammation of the colon. C. diff. infection can cause severe diarrhea, fever, appetite loss, nausea, and abdominal pain. Most cases of C. diff. infection occur in patients taking antibiotics. C. diff. 当长期护理医院采用疾病预防控制中心推荐的感染控制步骤时,可能会防止或阻止感染向其他患者传播.

Influenza or the "flu", 是由流感病毒引起的呼吸道疾病,容易在人与人之间传播吗. The flu can cause serious complications, including death. To reduce the spread of the flu within a long-term care hospital, 建议所有医护人员每年接种流感疫苗(“流感疫苗”).

这一措施显示了从LTCH住院出院的患者在30天内因本可预防的医疗状况再次入院的百分比. LTCH可以通过尽最大努力预防并发症来减少可能可预防的再入院人数, providing clear discharge instructions to patients and families, and making sure patients have a safe transition to their home or another setting. 一些LTCH患者需要入院治疗的问题是潜在的不可预防的. These admissions are not included as readmissions for this measure.

跌倒相关损伤是LTCH患者发病和死亡的主要原因, and an important health outcome for LTCHs to monitor. 严重受伤的跌倒会导致新的身体限制、残疾和抑郁. ltch可以通过提供适当的患者护理和足够的支持来预防或减少跌倒.

Improving or maintaining activities of daily living, thinking skills, and the ability to communicate with others are important goals for LTCH patients. 入院评估有助于LTCH临床团队与患者制定治疗计划,出院评估有助于临床医生在出院后计划适当的随访护理. This measure reports the percentage of patients whose activities of daily living, thinking skills, 他们还评估了沟通能力,并将改善或维持这些能力的目标纳入了治疗计划.

Improving or maintaining functional abilities is an important goal for LTCH patients. 入院功能评估有助于LTCH临床团队与患者制定治疗计划,出院功能评估有助于临床医生在出院后计划适当的随访护理. 这项测量报告了LTCH患者进行日常活动(如洗澡和散步)能力的百分比,并将改善或维持这些功能目标的目标纳入其治疗计划.

Increasing a LTCH patient's ability to move, like standing up, getting to and from a chair, 短距离步行——即使戴着呼吸机——也能帮助降低肺部感染和压力性溃疡的风险, and improve quality of life. 该测量报告了在调整关键患者特征后,LTCH住院患者在入院和出院期间使用呼吸机的活动能力评分的平均变化.

Medication errors can lead to emergency department visits and repeat hospitalizations, as well as significantly affect a patient's health, safety and quality of life. ltch可以通过寻找和解决潜在的或实际的药物问题来减少这些错误的可能性. 这项措施报告了LTCH患者在住院期间进行药物审查的百分比, and patients received follow-up when issues were identified.

回到家或社区是大多数LTCH患者及其家人的重要目标. ltch可以通过提供康复策略来提高功能能力,从而提高他们的成功出院率, discharge planning and care coordination, patient and family education, and solutions to barriers a patient may face in the community. 出院到社区可能不适合一些病人,即使LTCH提供良好的护理.

This measure shows whether Medicare spends more, less, 或者在特定LTCH治疗的医疗保险患者的一次护理与医疗保险在全国所有LTCH的一次护理上的花费大致相同. 这项措施包括所有医疗保险A部分和B部分支付的服务,提供给病人的原始医疗保险期间的护理, 由入院之日起至出院后30日止.